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How PAI Works

PAI uses an individual's personal profile and the heart rate data collected during physical activity to provide a PAI score. The total PAI score is based on a rolling 7-day window, and maintaining a PAI score of 100 or more has been scientifically proven to provide maximum health benefits.
how pai works
pai tracker
Why 100 PAI

The goal of 100 PAI was chosen as a normalized value, but what each person needs to do to achieve 100 PAI is unique to them. As you become more fit, it also becomes inherently more difficult to achieve 100 PAI which makes it appropriately challenging for all levels. PAI is the great equalizer!

It is important to note that 50 PAI is a great goal to start with, as you will still be enjoying 60% of the health benefits with that level of activity.

Making Those Steps Count, Not Just Counting Steps

PAI is a way to enhance step counting because it qualifies the health effects of those steps based on your heart rate, giving credit for more "difficult" steps as not all steps are created equal. PAI also accounts for all physical activity, even those that don't involve steps.

Here's an example of how PAI provides a more complete picture than step counting alone.