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The Science of PAI

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Researchers used the HUNT Study data to validate PAI. The HUNT Study is one of the largest health studies ever and was performed by the Nobel Prize-winning Faculty of Medicine at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. It contains a unique database of the personal and family medical histories of more than 45,000 people over 25 years.
Due to the robust nature of this database, it was an opportunity to test the PAI algorithm, which would be the foundation for developing a single metric that could provide personalized insight into the health effects of physical activity and recommendations on optimal levels of activity.

The Results

By applying the PAI algorithm to the HUNT data, researchers were able to prove that when individuals consistently exercised at intensities equal to maintaining 100 PAI, it reduced the risk of cardiovascular disease by an average of 25% and significantly reduced mortality from other lifestyle-related diseases for men and women of all ages. This also resulted in an increase in life expectancy by an average of 5 years.
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"As a physician and practicing cardiologist, I’ve never seen a metric as personal and quantifiable to the protection of lifestyle-related diseases as PAI. It's better than any general exercise guideline that physicians have been able to give to their patients, and I believe PAI is the potential game changer for raising physical activity to improve global health."

Dr. Carl Lavie, Medical Director, Cardiac Rehabilitation and Prevention, Ochsner Health System

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The American Journal of Medicine

The PAI metric was published in The American Journal of Medicine with the conclusion that PAI can provide people with real insight into how much exercise they need to live longer, healthier lives.

PAI was also validated as a metric that can be used in heart rate devices for people to monitor their exercise levels for maximum health benefits. Learn more about the research findings.
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PAI Combats Sedentary Lifestyle

A study in the Progress in Cardiovascular Diseases found that PAI can even combat the risk of cardiovascular disease and other lifestyle-related diseases regardless of sedentary lifestyle, such as sitting at a desk for up to 7 hours a day.

The study found that sitting for long periods of time will not increase your risk of cardiovascular disease as long as you maintain a weekly PAI score of 100.